Midnight Gold


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Comments from listeners:


“One of the best songs this band has ever played for me.”

“This song alone is worth the $5 for the EP”


Take Me For a Ride

“High beats and an energetic tune, this song would be the perfect song to wake up to and get the morning going.”

“Great drums in this one. The vocals mesh well with the sound and it definitely works for me. Cool, catchy radio-worthy hit for sure.”

“This song kicks ass and it rocks! I like the vibe that this song gives me. It makes me want to go out and drink at a bar.”


Over My Head

“I liked the pure and good old rock n roll vibe on the choruses a lot.”

“The bassline in this song works really well. All the instruments are simple but it is kick ass and rocks hard as well. The singer has a great voice.”

“Some great musicianship, this band understands dynamics well. Great sound and playing and energy.”


Tainted Love

“They took a classic and made it their own. It was well done and certainly did not sound like the classic. I loved the acoustics and the vocals with it. Great job.”

“The intro of the song had a great start that made me want to listen to more of the song. The instrumentation was soothing and everything about the song made me want to dance. I liked it.”

“A very nice cover of an already hip song. This track puts a unique twist on the song making more quick paced and energetic and also includes additional instruments and background vocals. Although I prefer the original, this track is definitely worth checking out.”


Not For Me

“The guitar in the beginning is perfect. Would definitely get me hyped right up. I like the lyrics and of course, the vocalist does a great job once again. I could see this being a radio hit.”

“Easily the best song I have heard from this artist. In addition to great hard rockin energy, the riffs are good, the rhythm section is great as usual, but most important there is a good melody and song structure that makes this stand out and memorable.”

“The music had me on the edge of my seat wanting to hear more. The vocals were outstanding and had a great sound and tone. I would pay to see this artist perform live.”


Let’s Get Out of Here

“I thought that the lyrics of this song were really good. The vocals were really strong as well but the lyrics stood out to me the most.”

“I really like the sound of this song. It reminds me of The Black Keys which I love. The guitar and the vocals absolutely rock. I love the lyrics also, but the guitar is the best!”

“This song has a nice older kind of vibe to it I like, closer to classic rock than anything. The vocals are good and match the tone of the instruments perfectly.”